Brian Hatfield

Recruiter and Volunteer in Phoenix, Arizona


Early riser who starts each day with a healthy mindset. LGBTQ+, adoptive parent to a special needs kiddo. I enjoy the outdoors and am often exploring hiking trails. I collect both passport & US national park stamps. (Croatia & Glacier, if you're wondering)


Relationships are paramount, l consider myself lucky to have forged a successful career in “the people business.” Even though I've practiced talent acquisition for more years than I care to count, I still get a thrill in hiring the best candidate for a role.


Relentless do-gooder who loves to take on a worthy cause. Pride myself on building lifelong personal and professional relationships. Active volunteer who'd rather paint a wall than sit on a committee. Some organizations close to my heart:

ESFJ, autism dad, aspiring minimalist, neat freak, runner, o||||||o owner, podcast lover, sunrise chaser, reader, national park geek, highly meditated, local coffee shop inhabitant, “

"make someone's day, every day"

  • Work
    • American Cancer Society
  • Education
    • Miami University