Brian "BOO BOO" C

Born and raised in "Arklahoma", graduated from RHS in the late 1900's, served my country for a minute, came back home to eastern ok, landed a few good jobs until I realized my true calling in life, which was to be a public servant in a time and era where thats not the best thing and by far NOT THE WORSE, I eventually found the girl of my nightmares and settled in OUR alltown, usa. A few years later had my one and only, every other year tax exemption, couple years after TE was born my dad passed, then after that true devastation as OUR country experienced the first real terrorist attack, the Alfred P Murrah, which was a domestic attack, IN OKLAHOMA.....and only 164 miles from my post. Devastation with a hint of sarcasm, only to be met with Pride, Integrity and Guts...and for the main bombing suspect, Tm, his last day of freedom. After staging the rental truck and carrying out his part and executing THE PLAN, he left out the part of what to do if your stopped by CH of the OHP. His bad- USA GOOD. TM was convicted and put to death for this act. Me, I was called to serve 3 days, as was most people that held the same title as I. While experiencing views from tv, net, etc etc nothing came close to preparing me for the dose of reality I met with the night I reported in to do my part and serve my state, my country, the victims, their poor distraught family members. I arrived a few days after the bombing, bodies were been removed but only at night time, thanks a lot in part to the press. Anyways as I made my way closer to downtown OKC, I came to the outer perimeter and even though I was in my unit I was met by scorns of authority who encirled my vehicle like I was carrying another part of the bomb, and after seeing with my own 2 eyes what it, the whole bombing aftermath, with my virgin terrorist eyes, it hit me, THIS IS FOR REAL. This is not it looked like on a 32" screen in my front room, but what it looked like-in real time-3D , from my drivers seat, window rolled down, radio NOT blaring, cell phone not at my ear, not even a text could be heard back then, as I continue my 5 mph pace to the check in words could only half decribe a small percentage of what I was experiecing, colored pictures a substantial percentage, but you would have just been in my passenger side riding shotgun to get the real"live action" shot I seen. What was normally a scene filled with life and some beauty was history.