Brian Keane

CEO and Founder of Ameritas Technologies (2011 to present)

Ameritas Technologies is a high-perfomance domestic IT outsourcing firm focused on bringing software development jobs back to the United States. Our Software Development Centers deliver complex, mission-critical software projects with greater quality, productivity and speed than offshore alternatives.

CEO of Dextrys (2007-2011)

Dextrys is an IT services firm that specializes in applications development for corporations and product engineering for software companies in the United States and China. Dextrys "Makes China Easy" for US corporations looking to enter the China marketplace.

CEO of Keane,Inc.

Keane, Inc. is a $1 Billion global IT services firm with headquarters in Boston, MA. Keane builds and manages application software for corporations and government agencies in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, and India.