Brian Kersten Minnesota

Founder and Owner of Mercy Veterinary Service in Minnesota

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Brian Kersten Minnesota has dedicated his professional life to veterinary medicine, passionately working to enhance the health and well-being of animals while also serving communities in need. Raised on a farm in Appleton, Wisconsin, his early exposure to animals fueled a lifelong interest in veterinary science. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from the University of Minnesota. He graduated with high distinction in 1977, a formative step that paved the way for his notable career as a veterinarian.

In 2021, he founded Mercy Veterinary Service in Baldwin, Wisconsin. This clinic, established to make veterinary care accessible to all, offers low-cost services to pet owners facing financial hardships. His work here, specializing in small animal medicine, surgery, and veterinary dentistry, demonstrates his deep commitment to animal care. He is widely respected in the community for his dedication and expertise, ensuring that financial barriers do not prevent pets from receiving necessary treatment.

He also extends his professional services as a relief veterinarian in Amery, Wisconsin, where he assists other veterinary practices. This role allows him to further disseminate his knowledge and skills within the community, enhancing animal welfare across a broader spectrum.

His veterinary journey began after completing his undergraduate studies, and he earned a Veterinary Medicine degree in 1983. He initially worked in a mixed animal practice in Burlington, Wisconsin, gaining knowledge and experience. In 1985, he took a significant step to work in Haiti for 2.5 years, focusing on relief and development that benefitted the local people and their animals. This experience underscored his dedication not only to veterinary medicine but also to humanitarian efforts.

Returning to the United States in 1987, he took over a mixed animal practice in Baldwin, Wisconsin. He purchased the practice in 2001, solidifying his role as a critical healthcare provider in the community. Although he sold this practice in 2016, his commitment to animal welfare never wavered, leading him to open Mercy Veterinary Service.

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