Brian Landever

Shambhala Buddhist, herbalist, gardener, youth educator, writer, photographer, project manager, PROUTist, adventurer, and social entrepreneur. My interests and skills vary wide, but I'm always motivated by human development.

My dream for the world is an inclusive economy that prioritizes social development, where earth’s resources are distributed rationally, democracy represents the economic needs and growth of worker-owned businesses, education fosters creativity and intellectual insight, technology minimizes human labor, and spiritual development in its various forms becomes the highest goal- developing wisdom and insight to live in reflection that we are here to experience life energy experiencing itself. This comes about with a fearless determination to love others and planet, and to seek deep integration of all fields.

I am interested in building relationships with people rebirthing a deep connection with land and dralas. Those who see the imperative importance of transcending ego and materialism. Those focused on developing wisdom, exploring spiritual depths, nurturing meaningful, supportive relationships, understanding subtle and gross obstacles, building relation with earth, and finding ways to bring wise change for human development into the world.