Brian Langston

Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Brian’s first brush with the law came at the age of 7 when a uniformed officer chastised him for throwing stones into the branches of Wolverhampton's last surviving conker tree. The encounter with what transpired to be an off-duty ambulance man on an ego trip, was sufficiently traumatic to divert him from the life of crime in which many of his peers later excelled.

In a bid to regain his good name, Brian joined the police in 1980 and rose steadily through the ranks of uniform and CID despite his preference for tea over whisky. He never touched a conker again.

Since retiring to the South of France he has embarked upon a mediocre writing career where once again his passion exceeds his ability. Nevertheless he has inexplicably persuaded otherwise sensible and respectable professionals to publish his work. 'True Ghosts and Ghouls of Windsor & Eton' allegedly took him 20 years to write and will be released into the wild in Spring 2016, followed shortly afterwards by 'London Murder Stories', thus reinforcing concerns about his unhealthy interest in the macabre.

If you have a strong constitution and spare book tokens given by unimaginative friends, then by all means massage his ego, and line the pockets of his publishers, by reading his odd books.

If you do not wish to know more, then please avoid the website

You have been warned.

  • Work
    • Thames Valley Police
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    • University of Reading
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