Brian Lederer

IT Technician in Eau Claire, WI

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Brian Lederer is an Information Technology (IT) professional located in the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area. Lederer proudly maintains his Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Information Technology.

Tech has always fascinated Brian Lederer. He even jokes that his passion for technology stems from his love of science fiction. And to an extent, that just might be true! An amateur robotics enthusiast, Lederer found himself interested in the technical mechanics of technology early on in his life. Ultimately, it’s that very fascination that led him to a career in IT. A genuine interest in figuring out what makes things tick (and how to find the solution to any problem that might arise) is the backing of his career focus. It’s that drive that has pushed Lederer to keep pace with the IT industry in any way he can. By now, he has mastered how to troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve virtually every computer issue that could pop up. And if you find yourself with computer trouble, Lederer will be happy to help find the solution!

Stay tuned for weekly reviews and analysis of current Information Technology Trends in Brian Lederer's on-going blog series. The Network Administrator looks forward to featuring the latest and greatest certification courses, professional development conferences and so much more in the cybersecurity space.