Brian Watson

Tempe, Arizona, United States

I am South African chemist living and working in Tempe Arizona. While the problems of Africa are numerous, the real problem of our time is the first world's addiction to the conveniece of cheap energy afforded by burning fossil fuels. As long as it is still legal, we will continue to dispose of the waste products from this activity in the atmosphere and oceans and futher alter our environment.

For the current period of my life, I have chosen to work on the technical challenges required to make artificial photosynthesis a reality. I hope that one day Africa can power itself using solar energy to develop to the standards enjoyed by the first world.

When I am not in the lab or researching ideas with coffee in hand, I am out hitting the trails on my bike.

  • Work
    • Post Doctoral Scholar
  • Education
    • Undergraduate: University of Cape Town
    • Doctorate: Arizona State University