Brian Masters

We (Brian and Jennifer) along with our 3 girls (Alyssa, Sabrina, and Olivia) are investing our lives in things that will last for eternity – Supporting the operational aspects of the Camino Global (formerly CAM International) headquarters from Dallas, Texas.

We are motivated and passioned by God to serve Him at the headquarters of Camino Global by innovatively creating ways to enhance the ministry of Camino Global and their missionaries so that together we can see the gospel planted, lives watered, souls harvested, believers trained, and Latin missionaries sent out to perform the Great Commission.

Recent innovations include working with the technical aspects of the Spanish website ministry of and launching the ministry / business of HOPE Coffee where coffee = shelter + water.

In the course of our ministry / work, I have enjoyed researching and implementing business as mission principles. Business and Ministry can be used to further the Gospel, but they can also collide and cause confusion. To learn more, download the Business as Mission Resources listed below, or contact me directly at [email protected]