Brian Overton

CCM Musician, Co-Worship Leader, and Marvel Fan in United States

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Brian Overton is a Contemporary Christian Musician best known as the lead vocalist and bassist of His Word. Overton also self-produces his own independent CCM projects through Green Room Studio, his in-house music studio. Actively involved in the community of St. Anne of Grace Episopal Church, Overton commits time to his Co-Worship Leadership responsibilities.

By far one of the most expressive arts, music tells a story through sound. What better story to tell than the glory of God’s word? That’s exactly what Brian Overton and his Christian rock band His Word express through their music. Joined by J.R. Rehm, Sheree Barnes and Justin Christensen, Brian Overton’s lifelong passion for glorifying Christ through music is fully realized. To date, His Word’s most popular projects have included their debut album, Silent, Bold and True (2007) and the single, “Beautiful Savior” (2010).

CCM worship band, His Word continues to perform locally at festivals, conferences and other Christian events. Brian Overton also hosts his own CCM spotlight blog series on his official website. Check it out to find your next favorite Christian music artist!

Brian Overton is a huge fan of Marvel movies and comic series. For as long as he can remember, he has been equal parts amazed and inspired by the larger-than-life stories and characters of the Marvel Universe. Over the years, he's been fortunate enough as a fan to experience how much the universe, or now multiverse, has expanded, evolved and developed. Overton looks forward to sharing his love of Marvel in a new creative project in the future.