Brian Coyle

Writer in Bristol, United Kingdom

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Brian is a playwright based in Bristol and SE London. His plays have been performed in London, Bristol, Bath, Liverpool and Manchester.

Stuff in 2016:
- His 60 min play WELCOME TO PARADISE ROAD was performed at the Page to Stage Theatre Festival in Liverpool in April 16 and won the Best Script In Festival. It was then performed at the Greater Manchester Fringe by the same team in July 16.
- His one-act play THE GOOD NEIGHBOUR was performed at the Rondo Theatre, Bath in April 16 and performed in Aug 16 at the Arundel Festival by Drip Action Theatre.
- His new full length play THE SPARE ROOM had a rehearsed reading at the Rosemary Branch Theatre, London in June 16.
- His short play ON BOWER HILL was performed (script in hand) by Chaskis Theatre at the Arts Theatre, London in Aug 16 as part of "Las Americas Above" a transnational theatre festival.

Projects in development include:
TIMELESS - 50min single hander. If you can't trust your memory what can you trust? A man hasn't been able to make any new memories in the last ten years.
THE BOX - 60min (1F, 1M) Just how much capacity do we have to forgive?
PURE - 70min (2F, 1M) Mankind has always taken whatever we want from the planet, but what can we do when nature starts to fight back...?

He was one of the winners of the British Theatre Challenge for his one-act play THE PROPOSITION. In 2015 he was one of the winners of Pint Sized Plays and his play WELCOME TO PARADISE ROAD was shortlisted for the Bread & Roses Playwriting competition.

Other plays performed over the last few years include:
- WHISPER an experimental "silent" short (Etcetera Theatre, London)
- THE RECKONING a staged reading of full length play (Theatre Delicatessen, London)
- PARKLIFE a short (Bierkeller Theatre, Bristol)
- THE MAGIC APPLE TREE a one-act play (Rondo Theatre, Bath)
- JANET AND JOHN GO SHOPPING a short (Waterloo East Theatre, London)
- RACHEL SAYS a short (Rondo Theatre, Bath and Theatre Gwaun, Fishguard).

Extract from some reviews:
For WELCOME TO PARADISE ROAD: "If paradise was half as nice then writer Brian Coyle would have no need to write a play that gripped the soul... and is unsettling enough to make you watch your step for a while as the theme of state alienation comes to bear” - Liverpool Sound and Vision
For WHISPER: "Writing a play with so little dialogue is brave... [it's] a brilliant play... heart-warming… and one which stays with you afterwards" - A View From the Gods