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RadiusBridge sells services to businesses in support of their internal and external data management needs with a focus on best use of data to grow their business through process optimization and advertising. Tagline: Know Your Data. Control Your Data. Grow Your Business. Specific services include the following as either discrete purchasable line items or a retainer including groups of several line items: - Management of data through automated tools or direct interaction with client staff and systems. - Collection of Data from internal or external sources - Display and Analysis of data including forecasting future results - Training for Best Practices of Data Management including Data Security - Building custom acquisition, correlation, and display systems for Data - Develop, Build, and/or Manage marketing and advertising sales tools, systems, and processes. - Content creation in support of all services. -Graphic design in support of all services.

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Location: 5555 Glenridge Connector, Atlanta, GA 30342

Tel: 800-407-5668

Email: support@radiusbridge.com