Britt Houpe

Mother and Therapist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Hi I am Britt; I was a diabetic that was discovered when taking a yearly physical. I had a glucose number of 146, when it should have been 120 or less.

As a graduate from MIT with training in the scientific method similar to medical techniques, I developed hypotheses and tried them out in my lab, my body.

I invested five months analyzing world diabetes research so that I could find the cure. The Australians had a tremendous research of over 700 foods and 2000 testers who identified 25 bad foods that caused diabetes. I was on their track of researching food. I was sure that they were close to the cause.

I decided not to eat any of the "Bad Foods." It took several additional months, but I was sure that food was the answer to what is the cause. I tested, and my # was 117. I was no longer a diabetic. What a thrill!

Not only for myself but as an aide to others, if I can reach them. I wrote the 111 page "Rid Yourself of Diabetes" in 2003 that had the "Bad Foods" and the "Good Foods" lists and selected about a dozen of the Balch's supplements. In 2004, I wrote, "Winning the Fight Against Diabetes" with 191 pages, with further help in bringing people to a cure.