Aneudys Tejeda Cruz

New Hampshire

I am a 20 year old gamer looking to get into Journalism. I love all things videogames and the Industry. I'm hoping to attended college someday for it but for now I’m just working to suppourt my self and find time to write.

I've previously written for for about 3 months as part of an intership program which was a fntastic experience. I learned alot about editing and promoting and writing in general especially where my writing needs help. After some unfortunate circumstances I dropped out of the internship and the podcast to try to fix some personal stuff.

Couple months later, a cool guy (Alex O'NeilI, @ALFighter27) whom I met at PAX earlier this year was looking for writiters for his site, So now im doing that and its awesome as well as being apart of the sites podcast "Writters Ramble" Assuming I can stay with the site long enough I may be going to PAX 2014 on a press Badge and do coverage for the site so Super excited for that as well.

Aside from that, I've invested ALOT of money in a new laptop, programs, and a Camcorder. I'm looking to start my own YouTube Channel and personal website, to put up some more of my writings. I have alot of plans for what I want to do in the future so please follow me on Twitter and Keep an eye out for what i'm doing :)

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