Arnab Chakraborty

Bangalore, Ind

I enjoy knowledge.
There is a certain joy in knowing, a bliss in finding out, in the explanation and its predictive power.

My thirst for knowledge joins my fondness of reading - and identifies with my choice of vocation. I am a Physics Educator and am planning to head into research.
I enjoy multidisciplinary work, and thrive in teams. I am motivated from within, learning quickly and constantly course correcting.

I have a master's degree in Materials Science from KTH (Sweden), and completed my thesis in the field of magnetism of nanostructured materials. This allows me experimental competence, and a fine understanding of the mix of diligence and creative bent required in research.
I wish to further my abilities and add to the body of human knowledge.

For leisure, I whet my mind on books, in which I prefer non-fiction and science. I am tirelessly committed to freethought, rationality, and humanism. When I find the time to, I travel, do photography, and play my guitar (as a tyro, yes).

  • Work
    • Physics
  • Education
    • Materials Science
    • Mechanical Engineering