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Small Business Owner in New York

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I'm not going to give you the boring business pitch -- I’m going to tell you about ME. This is About.Me, after all.

I thrive on input. My mind is open and absorbent. I'm naturally an exceptional repository for facts, stats, data, and ideas. But I don’t just collect that information, I yearn to share it. To inform, to teach, to consult.

I enjoy subjects that stimulate my thinking. I deliberately seek relationships with people who are different, are "big thinkers" and inspire me to expand my POV. Because I'm often pondering the meaning of life, I can be seen as aloof. That's not really who I am -- I just need time alone, in a beautiful space, to collect my thoughts. Writing helps me think, and thinking leads to writing.

I’m a catalyst for change. A Learner. I’m not intimidated by new rules, circumstances or changes – this helps me calm the fear of others (and is why I’m perfectly suited to be a consultant). Challenges energize me; stagnation, or the status quo, is my enemy. I push myself to learn something new every day.

I’m a problem solver. I enjoy helping people. I’m organized to a fault (okay, and maybe a little OCD). One of my mantras is to constantly work on improving myself; no one is perfect, but we can achieve great happiness in looking within and striving to become our best self.

Adaptability has always been my safety net. It’s easy for me to be calm and reassuring during the storm. I’m fiercely independent (I paid my way through college – twice, started my own company, and reinvented myself career-wise many times over). Being adaptable isn’t about “rolling over” – it’s about being able to read a situation and respond appropriately (and all in the blink of an eye).

[Adapted from my Action-Planning results]

And if you really want to know about me as the CEO of B Squared Media, I have it summed up in a few words below.

Simply put: Think Conversation, Not Campaign.

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    • B Squared Media, LLC
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    • Bachelor of Arts, Corporate Communication, Penn State University