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If you are a regularhome gardener then you will understand the importance of maintaining all partsof your lawn, and garden plants. Gardening power tools can help you to savetime and effort in the garden, and keep your home looking immaculate the wholeyear round. This article outlines the gardening power tools that every gardenershould know about.

Pole Saw

Pole Saws make itsimple and easy to trim tree branches that are in high and hard to reach areas.They are available in both battery and electric power operated models. Whenchoosing a model be sure to select one that is light weight and easy to hold asyou will be holding it above your head to prune in your garden. One option available is a vibration reducingsystem which makes the tool easy to handle, and help to avoid any accidents.Always select a model that is the right height for the branches you need toreach, and trim.

Hedge Trimmer

Power Hedge Trimmersensure that all your hedges and trees remain beautifully shaped and sculpted. Astandard hedge trimmer can slice through branches of any thickness, and somemodels even come with a two blades, which make them doubly as efficient. Whendeciding which power trimmer to buy it’s important to take into account how thetrimmer functions. Does it need to be plugged into a power cord or does it runby gas or battery?

Power Washer

Having clean drives,patios, and decks really makes a beautiful finish to every garden. A compact pressure washer isthe perfect solution at blasting away unwanted dirt, moss, and dust from yourhard surfaces. Both hot and cold water models are available, although hot watermodels are better for gardens which are especially dirty. If you have a largespace then a gas powered model may be preferable as will avoid you having tofind a wall socket to plug it into.

Chain Saw

No gardener’s powertool kit is complete without a chain saw. If you have a lot of trees thatrequire regular trimming, cutting, or a general cleanup then a chain saw is theperfect tool to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Make sure you areaware exactly what you need the saw for before purchasing or renting, as thepower and blades on different models can vary a lot. Once again gas poweredmodels are prefer