Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools (LAB)

Education in Brooklyn

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According to one 7th grader at the LAB, "If you're struggling, the teacher is allowed to help you," a 7th grader explained. "If you've been prominent in a subject, they'll give you more challenging work." This quote speaks volumes about the support system that The LAB School has in place for its students.

The Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools (LAB) is a welcoming place for students just starting to learn English. Eighty percent of the staff and students identify as people of color, most of whom hail from immigrant communities. The school opens its arms to be one of the most diverse in the area in both teacher and student populations.

Almost one-third of the students at this Brooklyn middle and high school identify as students with disabilities. This is because charter schools have more freedom in meeting the needs of their attendees with disabilities, which often entails providing additional education services. The LAB also offers programs that engage their desire to learn; staff works with parents and families to support these students' needs at home.