Bruna Bittencourt

Tech entrepreneur in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Bruna Bittencourt

Tech entrepreneur in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Bruna was pointed as one of the ten of female tech innovators in Brazil, according to the Americans ZD Net in 2014.

"Marketing whizz Bruna Bittencourt built on the enjoyment of her own wedding preparations - which started out by being proposed on Twitter with a hashtag that ended up on Brazil's trending topics - to focus on projects that support other people planning their own big day. Her Rio de Janeiro-based company is a "one stop shop for weddings" that literally marries up a user base of over 150,000 couples who can use the platform to support the entire wedding planning process."

- Founder & CEO of;
- Trail runner (training for her first ultra marathon;
- Foodie (tasting all her husband adventures i the kitchen)
- Christian (loving God, loving people, loving life)

Proposed in marriage on Twitter in 2010 by the tag #BrunaDigaSim which ended up on Trending Topics.

AMF 's wife.


Bruna foi eleita um dos grandes nomes de inovação e tecnologia no Brasil de acordo com a publicação americana ZD Net.

Fundadora e CEO do
Ama pessoas, Deus, a corrida, e as coisas simples da vida.

Pedida em casamento pelo Twitter pela hashtag #BrunaDigaSIm que terminou nos Trending Topics.

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