Bruce Zielsdorf

Writer in Fort Worth, Texas

“Green Card Soldier” is the tale of a Bosnian teen’s escape to America – fusing fact with fiction to tell a heroic story. This adventure novel is about Andro Babich, a naive, but inquisitive budding soccer star. His tale is told by Heath Winslow, a cynical, self-deprecating war correspondent. Set amidst the civil-war ravaged Balkans of the early '90s, Winslow recounts Andro's exploits, including his daring escape to America where he receives a green card and joins the Army, ultimately earning his citizenship and a brand new life.

Eventually he returns to post-war Bosnia-Herzegovina as a U.S. AID worker and discovers, through trial and tribulation, his life's purpose and his role in the rebirth of his homeland. Photos, fact sheets, downloads and much more available at the author’s website

For almost 40 years, I worked as a military journalist, newspaper editor and public relations practitioner around the globe. From drafting feature stories during the Vietnam era through coverage of the Lake Placid Olympics, I’ve documented servicemembers at work worldwide with my writing, editing and photographic skills. Today, I live in Fort Worth, Texas. I retired four years ago as the civilian public affairs director at Fort Hood. That was after serving 11 years as the Army’s spokesperson in the “media capitol of the world” – New York City. I like to describe himself as a freelance writer and quality management consultant, pursuing a creative writing future in both fiction and non-fiction.

  • Work
    • Retired Civil Servant, freelance writing from home
  • Education
    • Bachelor's from University of Maryland, College Park