Dr. Bruce Gillies

Author and Life Coach in California

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With a US Navy career spanning more than 22 years, Bruce Gillies brings a breadth of experience to the career and leadership coaching field that few can copy. His work with sports leaders including coaches and team captains has resulted in Division 1 teams reaching top five national standings. Ranging from professional football to little league teams, he has provided coaching on mental skills such as focus, anxiety control, and relaxation to help athletes improve the enjoyment of participating in sports His work in the field of career and leadership development is bolstered with his educational experience and Doctorate of Industrial/Organizational Psychology. An aspiring author, he has recently had his book, "The 21st Century Career Search System" published. It sold out within a week on Amazon and was listed in the "Best of the Month" for January. You can find it at "http://www.amazon.com/21st-Century-Career-Search-System/dp/1942389078/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1456810173&sr=8-1&keywords=Bruce+Gillies"

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Having worked as a career and leadership coach since his retirement in 2000, Bruce has consulted with Fortune 500 company executives and organizations on leadership and management development programs, new leaders on establishing their leadership philosophy, and helped new senior managers find their way through the development and leveraging of teams. If you are interested in contacting Bruce for an initial consultation on career development, leadership coaching, or sports mental skills development, contact him via twitter @careerguru4u or email at [email protected].

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    • Alliant International University