Bruce Gossett

Bruce Gossett is another one of those overnight sensations that has been 20 years in the making. Born at the close of the 60's, he has spent most of his life in Sacramento immersed in art and the gearhead culture scene. It seems that all of the young hot rod nuts have come out of the BMX or skateboarding scene and Gossett is no exception. He has the rail thin whiplash look of a prophet but is not his nature. You get the feeling he is trying to scratch some inner itch with his art, but he says its just eye candy.

A mostly self taught artist, Gossett has drawn from the world of graphic arts and sign painting more than anything else. A galaxy of Mexican pop art, porno, surf iconography, hot rod sensibility, monster movies and surrealism swirls through his work. As well as painting he is a master silk-screen artist and poster maker. At the start of the new century he started Black Cat Press with Ira Cowart. Naturally Black Cat has specialized in rock and roll posters. They have done work for Nashville Pussy, Throw Rag, T Model Ford and a host of others. Black Cat has become the preferred source of posters and tee shirt art for the underground car show scene in Nor Cal.

In the end though it is to the easel and the brushes that Gossett is drawn and he puts in long hours painting. As a result, a growing list of clients has been attracted to his vision. Collectors like the Rev. Billy F. Gibbons and Jesse James have snapped up his paintings. If he doesn't answer the phone you can almost always find him in a swirl of cigarette smoke tucked away in his painting studio, scratching that itch that won't go away.