Bruce Richards

Consultant and Father in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

Recruiting is broken. Let's create a movement to fix it.

My diverse 16-year career in consulting & technology integration has inspired me to help find a solution to the outdated industry accepted processes in talent acquisition.

A business owner, entrepreneur, and self-proclaimed Proactive Recruitment Advocate, I've worked with hundreds of companies and thousands of job seekers, learning their current challenges/opinions and educating them on best practices in today’s recruitment industry.

I'm passionate about the benefits of proactive recruitment, employer branding and candidate experience. In today’s extremely competitive talent market, organizations need to focus on their talent acquisition and retention strategies and take lessons from the best in-bound marketing & sales experts in order to gain a competitive advantage.

HR Technology is ripe for change, companies are expected to spend an upwards of $9 billion in 2017. In short, it’s a great time to work, invest, and consult about HR Tech. I am very excited to be a part of helping organizations and companies build the future of the HR Technology Market.

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    • SmartRecruiters
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    • McMaster University