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Student, Editor, and Web Developer in Barcelona, España

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I am Bruno Moya, a 19-year-old entrepreneur from Barcelona, named the "19-year-old tech entrepreneur more digital than most CTOs, CMOs, and CEOs", founder and creator of Glassear.

For the past 6 years, I have been working on the headset that democratizes Mixed-Reality by effortlessly allowing users to connect and experience next-gen digital experiences.

I have won many awards and given many talks at different events explaining how I started in the world of entrepreneurship and managed to bring my #glassear product to market and compete with #Microsoft and #Google.

Not only that, but I've always been interested in working on projects that can be useful to the world, as well as learning new technologies and languages, both human and programming ones, developing projects based on Python, Java, C# or for example C++. Standing out among them, the project that mixes Artificial Intelligence + Productivity and the incredible startup Notion, called Notion AI My Mind, which has a number of more than 700 active users!

On my website, you can find updated information about them, as well as all the events where I have participated and will continue to participate to bring to the world my passion for technology, and especially, mixed and augmented reality!

★ Manomotion 2n Gamejam - Winner of the 3rd prize in the Gamejam organized by Manomotion, based on the theme of using Hand Tracking and mixed reality mixed with emojies.
★ 1st Hackathon and 1st edition of the MamutHack Hackathon - Award Winner in the Category ''Creativity"
★ Maker Faire Galicia 2018 - Winner of the 2nd Prize as the most interesting project for the future of Industry 4.0
★ Maker Faire Barcelona 2018 - More than 4 awards given by the organizers for the most interesting Maker of the event, as well as a very special one signed by David Cuartelles, co-founder of Arduino.

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