Brwa Osman


Born on 1- jan-1994 in Hawler, Kurdistan. my father was Peshmerge which I'm proud of him, So it is usual I had affected by him. :)

Growing in local hoods somehow turned me to a NOT good-listener in my childish :) at least that's what it told.

I'm not so into religions and some faith rules for committting my life with, which it means I'm not Muslim, neither Christian, ...etc , my believe mostly can be found in Deism, which is just a group for those who think or having vision like me. Although I'm so inlove with my nation & my land "Kurdistan".

In the very beginning my interests in computer and related stuff which called IT showed up. As I'm interpreter / translator now ,and senior member at & senior member and supervisor at with various articles in other Kurdish & English websites.

I've translated these application into Kurdish :

phpBB (with Ara Qadir & Sia Nariman)



FluxBB (With )

Vanillaforums (with

plugins for Wordpress

And I'm translator at these projects :

Mozilla Firefox (Sorani)

Dictio (Kurdish open dictionary)

Wordpress & Drupal ( a little bit )

Twitter, to Kurdish (Central) sorani

Also I have articles in Wikipedia and Wiki Chawg which contains articles that rated excellent as well like "Webmaster" .

As a student and IT follower I have attracted with many characters and works , which I can only say " Impressive! " ,so as possible as I could ,I attended to events related to my interests. for instance I attended a seminar under (World Wide Web & Tim Berner-Lee) in youth activities section. also a seminar about the first Kurdish website (Kurdistannet). joined many IT shows & skills , abilities ..etc , and recently I attended an international conference called (TEDxErbil).

The remaining details you might want to know ,is my favorite color - sports - movie - dream .. which is : orange - table tennis - the godfather - an independence Kurdish state.

Peace !

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