Bryan da Frota

Entrepreneur, Chief Operating Officer, and Principal Operating Partner in the United States

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A go-getter by nature, Bryan da Frota is an entrepreneur chasing innovation. He currently maintains the roles of Chief Operating Officer at ListEngage and Principal & Operating Partner at Broadtree Partners.

Through his work with Broadtree Partners, Bryan da Frota calls on his experience in entrepreneurship. As Principal & Operating Partnerwith the company, he advises business owners as they seek retirement. As someone who has built companies from the ground up, da Frota understands the intimacy between owner and business. He approaches every advisor-owner partnership with a personal and professional lens, aiming to make the transition into retirement as comfortable and stress-free as possible for the exiting owner.

He also provides consulting services surrounding a plethora of professional topics including: business, start-ups, capital formation, drones and entrepreneurship. His expert advice is published both on AeroInformal and his personal website, BryandaFrota. Present and previous colleagues have commended Bryan da Frota as an expert in program management, business development, strategic planning and proposal writing. He previously stood as the Vice President of Strategic Growth at Focused Management Solutions, a nationally recognized and accredited administrative program management organization.