Bryan Szweda

Bodybuilder in Glendale, Arizona

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Bryan Szweda lives in Glendale, Arizona with his family pursuing his dreams in business, bodybuilding, health and fitness, and travel.

Professionally, Bryan Szweda has worked in sales and has presented himself as a global leader in business. He has worked as a dedicated coach and mentor with the use of the Lean and Six Sigma programs. During professional development and leadership training at the Harvard Business School Bryan Szweda earned the Lean Sigma Champion certification.

Before entering the business world, Bryan Szweda completed an honorable education. He attended SUNY Empire State College to earn his Bachelor of Science degree in Technical Managament and completed his A.A.S. degree at the SUNY College of Technology in Alfred, New York.

Outside of his education and professional career, Bryan Szweda has committed his time and energy to family and living a happy and healthy lifestyle. He loves spending time with his family and traveling to beautiful places all over the world. So far, Bryan and his family have traveled to:

-San Diego

-Costa Rica


Along with traveling and family time, Bryan Szweda also loves to challenge himself and set personal fitness and health goals. A few years ago he started a fitness training program and has since gone on to compete in natural bodybuilding competitions with great success.