Writer, Aesthetician, and Father in Vadodara, India

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I am an Author of VedGranth 'BrahmSutra Shankar Bhashyam' originally written by Maharshi Badrayan ,Vedvyas' its Synonym is 'Vedant Darshan', on which Jagadguru Adi ShankarAcharya created a Commentary (Bhashya) called 'Sharirak Mimansa Bhashyam'. Both epics are in original Sanskrit texts. Bharat Purushottam Saraswati Authored, Created a Gujarati Version of This Great Vedic Literature Nonfiction Book narrated with 'Param Jyoti' Vyakhya (Sub-Commentary) to realize one's self to utmost merging to God Being, wherefrom no worldly return on planet Earth.

It is all because of Graces Gurudev Swami Muktanand Paramhans, Great God, Goddess Saraswati Devi, all unnamed Gurus & Rishis.

Presently I am residing at Vadodara, Gujarat, India with my family. Working in Private Dealing Agency.

--Bharat Purushottam Saraswati.

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