Brad Svrluga

My name is Brad Svrluga. I spend a lot of time spelling and explaining my last name. You wouldn’t be the first person to suggest I need to buy a vowel. But it’s easier than it used to be – when my great-grandfather came to the US it was spelled Svrljuga (silent J, and not a terribly uncommon name in Croatia), but the folks at Ellis Island made him drop the J. Some have suggested they didn’t go far enough. But now we have a name that I’m dead certain is shared by no one outside our relatively small family. Can you say that? Still, seems like maybe another vowel might help.

I’m a venture capitalist / internet investor, entrepreneur, social liberal, fiscal moderate, sports fan, outdoors lover, food & wine enthusiast, proud father of two boys, and happy husband. I co-founded High Peaks Venture Partners, an early-stage venture capital firm. I am intensely committed to education, and especially to access for the less fortunate. I pursue that passion through my support of BArT Charter School, where my wife Julia is the founding Executive Director, and my decade-plus involvement with Summer Search, an incredible inner city youth development program.

I suffered long as a Red Sox fan, struggle with my golf game, thrive with my skiing, and really wish I could still knock you down on a rugby pitch or throw a fastball you couldn't catch up to. I’m dead certain that being a dad is way harder than being a VC, but I’ve been doing the latter for more than 10 years, and the former only 5.