Michael Buchbinder

Managing Partner in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Michael Buchbinder MBA, is partner at Scandinavian Capital markets (www.scandinavianmarkets.com), a global Forex brokerage based in Sweden, with diverse clientele spanning all throughout the world.

Over the last 14 years, Michael has gained experience across various sectors in the financial industry. Ranging from compliance, investment banking, and various roles across the FX sector ranging from client support, operations, risk management, and FX trader.

Everything leads Michael back to his passion, FX. As he grows throughout his career and life he is finding other passions such as family, art, nature, food & cooking, and personal growth.

The one thing Michael has learned is most important in business is cherishing and nurturing relationships. After spending some time together you will come to learn he will always do what he can and help you out.

Michael enjoys the outdoors in his spare time and being one with nature. Michael enjoys eating as much as he enjoys cooking. Flavor is the spice of life. Michael is also learning to appreciate the arts and music. Michael is a life long learner. He has a thirst for knowledge and personal growth.


Scandinavian Capital Markets


Bcom, MBA