Buddy Watch Inc.

San Francisco, California, United States

Buddy Watch, at its most basic level, is an app that connects people with emergency contacts before they leave a safe space to walk alone. It then uses the smartphone environment to sense emergency situations, and should one arise, delivers real time and logged information about the walker to his or her contact to facilitate emergency services.

How it works:
The user can send SMS "lookout" requests to emergency contacts when they want to head out, and upon receiving an "I'm available" confirmation text from one or more of the contacts, they can start their walk. The app then uses GPS, dynamic sensing, and Crime Pattern Recognition (CPR) to sense if the walker is in a dangerous situation (e.g. kidnapping, stalking, assault, trip-and-fall injury). If a danger trigger is flipped, the phone alerts the emergency contacts with the walker's current status and live GPS tracking so the lookouts can make fast and detailed 911 calls. Direct-to-911 services will also be developed.