Burl Hall

Writer, Father, and Artist in Sabattus, Maine

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Born in Beckley WVA, Burl was moved by his parents to Baltimore, Maryland around the age of 2. He lived there for 40 years. While in Baltimore as a 5 year old child, he had visions of a Goddess, whom he called his friend. Burl struggled in school, and hated the top-down authoritarian structure. While his life was one in which he tried to accept and align with this structure, it never felt right for him. As such, Burl became a rebel in hiding and the hiding was both from himself and from the larger culture of which he was a part. In the early 90's, the Goddess that Burl had envisioned at the age of 5 returned through dreams. These dreams prompted him to write a book called, "Sophia's Web: Reclaiming Wholeness in a Divided World." Within this book, he related his personal experiences to the various relgions of the world. Indeed, within the book, Burl revealed connecting patterns to all the religions to the quantum phyiscs of David Bohm and the holographic neurology of Karl Pribrim. While having positive reviews, the book has not sold well due to it being self-published and not a lot of resources to market the book properly. Burl lived in Fredericksburg, VA for 6 years with his mom until he met his wife, Merry, who has been his Muse for the past 10 years. The love he felt for his wife enticed him into moving to Maine, where he currently resides. Burl is now 58 years of age and works as a counselor with families with children at-risk for out-of-home placement, generally through the juvenile justice system. Burl continues to write and regularly submits articles to OpEd News. He also is a lead member to the Lewiston/Auburn Area Transition and Permaculture Group. Burl and his wife, Merry, are now developing an on-line Blog Talk radio show called Envision This! The show will have various guests who are working towards helping people reduce their dependence on Government and Corporations by empowering local community in terms of food production, housing, and getting needs met. Burl also is working at submitting Sophia's Web to publishers and is again considering self-publishing though his main barrier is financing.