Butch Wilson

Education Technologist, Network Specialist, and Author, Professional Storyteller in Mount Vernon, Illinois

A handful of things "About Me" --

Director of Technology,
Mt. Vernon Township High School
Mt. Vernon, Illinois

24 years in EdTech.

I work with my district and others to create educational opportunities and "light bulb" moments.

I have been fortunate to help more than 100 K-12 schools, non-profits and small businesses make successful transitions to the Google Apps universe of tools.


Make my district's technology as dependable and invisible as I can while supporting my teacher's classroom efforts.

Inspire epiphanies; connect passionate professionals with the tools and understanding they need to reach and teach; and to help them put time (and some fun) back in their days.


Grateful and proud husband and father.

U.S. Navy Veteran.

I am an Education Technologist, author and professional storyteller. Oh, and I can teach anyone to juggle in less than five minutes.


Google Education Trainer
Google Certified Administrator
Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

I am a member of:

Illinois Ed & Tech Conference (Cmte. Mbr.)
Illinois Digital Educators Alliance (Mbr)

International Society of Technology Educators

MS-ISAC (Center for Internet Security)

Mystery Writers of America - Midwest Chapter (MMWA)

Google Education Trainer ID 00438