Buzz Behind

Morrisville, Nc

Based online at, the innovative interest-generating system of Buzz Behind connects content creators with a base of affiliates. Buzz Behind stems from the visionary ideas and entrepreneurial spirit of founder Jon Bender. Together with company executive vice president Greg Montoya, he comes to Buzz Behind after having successfully founded one of North America’s largest direct-marketing training and sales companies, which, over the past 18 years, has driven approximately $1 billion in sales worldwide for a top client.

Having combined such services with customized marketing support and integrated sales systems, Mr. Bender published a book entitled In God We Trust: A Legacy for Creating Wealth and Abundance. He marketed this early book largely by leveraging the interest of his existing contacts. After sending information out about the release of his new work, he then began offering complimentary e-books to help his fans spread the word. Communication about the new title blossomed, and its success inspired the establishment of Buzz Behind. There, affiliates receive free samples of music, games, e-books, and other items. They can then order the full version or request a complimentary copy in exchange for posting recommendations online via social media. From the root promotion at, interest in the product then spreads organically across the Internet.

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