Tony Bynum


My legs felt like lead. My body ached after the prior days 9 hour slog on the back of a 1400 pound horse, across the untraveled BC wilderness. On this day, following a half day's hike, nightfall fast approached. The rain pounded and I was 4 hours from our already remote camp. No food. I began prepping my "bed," a small cave, under a 500 foot limestone cliff. Tired and exhausted. I had a headlamp and fire to make light. I'm going to get the photograph that will tell this story. The pain, hunger, remoteness, and cold be damned - I have to have the photo. Being outside. Exploring. Living. Taking chances. Tony loves adventure. Tony Bynum - outdoor photographer - Real, Relevant, Right 406.226.9151 "too lazy to be unreal" Board of Directors, Professional Outdoor Media Association. Board of Directors, East Glacier Park School. Board of Directors, Glacier-Two Medicine Alliance. Training Officer, East Glacier Park Fire Department.

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    • Outdoor Photographer
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    • MS - Resource Management