ByXpress 2015

ByXpress offers a one-click portal, online, that allows people to earn a reward as they do their normal activities of the day.The concept of ByXpress includes combining the top online trends in a single location. For the first time, users have a single location that unites online tools, mobile innovations and advertising trends.Customers at ByXpress receive help from mentors as well as higher-ranking members in their community. They have access to monthly professional events, allowing them to meet other experts in their field that help them to define their own goals and then arrange their daily schedules to meet them.ByXpress provides a future for those who are brave enough.The company goals is creating a platform that benefits everyone.Its vision is reaching over 100 million users in under three years.ByXpress is already working in most European countries and in the process of launching its business in Asia. Businesses are currently operating with the ByXpress brand in London, Nicosia, Gibraltar, Istanbul and Hong Kong.The ByXpress team operates in 10 different nations across Europe.ByExpress is extremely passionate about the work they do, but most of all, the ByExpress team believes in its community.The company provides the unique expertise that brought them to their current level and continues to help them create products consumers use every day.Today more than ever, customer experience and customer interface are the main things in business. This means the current battle is for the platforms.Platforms such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Google provide help in performing daily tasks more efficiently. It is difficult to imagine daily life without these effective digital tools. The platforms of these companies control activities, and their value grows each day.Today's business trends are mobile, online and advertising. ByXpress combines these three trends in a single website.It allows you to find everything you normally use in a single place with a single click. This one-location concept is the whole idea behind ByXpress.If a normal day for you includes, watching a movie, booking an airline ticket, buying a jacket, chatting with friends and playing an online, game -- ByXpress lets you do it all in a single place.AdBlaster allows you to take advantage of one of the leading business trends -- online advertising. The tool connects the advertiser to the publisher and provides tools that allow the advertiser to evaluate the effectiveness of his campaigns. I