Carey Rose O'Connell

Producer, Filmmaker, and brand consultation in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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I spent a lot of time trying to be a square peg forcing herself into round holes for many is nice to have cultivated my expression since 2011 into something that feels like just the right angles I had been seeking. What began as a focused expression through Poetry has evolved into a multiplicity of works that harness the sum of the contributions I am making to our collective knowledge.

I have the great joy of working with Anvil Springs Entertainment (ASE) as lead in PMD/Communications. This is an inspiring journey that is about to unfold into a great adventure in both my personal and professional development. ASE is also the home of my documentary film, A Million Steps, currently in development.

Poetry continues to flow as a way of expressing the moments I catch traveling through life. My original blog,The World Poetized, has been consolidated here and I look forward to continuing in the image, social media-driven work that so eloquently captures time.

I will soon be launching a wonderful partnership to create a consultation and publishing company that supports the work of, what we consider to be under-recognized talents in media, arts, and alternative providers. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter for upcoming announcements!

The personal development practice of self-query I created, Parent Meditation, continues its development for distribution by book that will provide both the method and the philosophy and remains a daily practice and passion.

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