Yo-An Lin

Software Engineer, Designer, and Web Developer in New Taipei City, Taiwan

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UI, UX, Frontend, Backend Professional.

Yo-An Lin is an open source developer living in Taipei.

He has been working in the IT industry for more than 8 years. Started from backend techs to frontend techs, UI/UX and visual design.

Familiar with Perl, Golang, PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, VimL, C and C++.

With high activity on Github, Lin has more than 200 open source projects on GitHub, programming language includes PHP, Go, Perl, JavaScript and VimL. He was the top 3 contribution user on GitHub in 2013.

Specialties: PHP Framework Architecture, Software Architecture, PHP C Extension, Frontend Component Design, UX/UI Design. Familiar with Javascript, CSS, Perl, Go, Ajax, several known web app frameworks such as Plack, Jifty, Catalyst, Dancer.


- YAPC ASIA 2009 Speaker

- Beijing China Perl Workshop 2009 Speaker

- YAPC ASIA 2010 Speaker

- OSDC 2012 Speaker

- COSCUP 2009 Speaker

- COSCUP 2013 Speaker

- PHPCONF.TW 2013 Speaker

- PHPCONF.TW 2014 Speaker

- PHPCONF.TW 2015 Speaker