CA Callahan

Writer, Consultant, and Public Speaker in the United States

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I have been the Frugal Admin, and was a proud advocate for SharePoint Foundation/Windows SharePoint Services. I wrote Mastering Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Mastering Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010.

Due to Microsoft ending Foundation's reign (long live SharePoint Foundation 2013!), I currently work with SharePoint Server 2016, O365, Google Apps for Work, and Zoho. I recently designed the MOC 20339-1 course for the 70-339 Microsoft exam. I may even be recording online courses for my beloved SharePoint audience. More on that soon.

I speak at various events in the US and abroad, and do consulting. I continue to write technical books, courseware, articles, and blog entries. I record the occasional online presentation for free- if asked nicely. I am an old skool MCT, and took the A+ certification tests back in the 90's, when it was cool.

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