Cacilda Espíndola

artist and jewelry designer in London

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Cacilda Espíndola was born in Brazil in 1971. She started travelling at a very young age, which would influence her path in the arts, mainly through the experiences and changes that these trips promoted in herself.

Artistic expressions have been part of her path since she was very young, when at the age of 5 she started to dance. She abandoned it because she found something that awakened her interest - painting, having started at the age of 9 to attend painting ateliers. After finishing her studies in arts, she started to exhibit her works in 1996, having participated in several individual and collective exhibitions, being awarded in some of them. In 2007 she moves to Portugal, where she starts studying jewellery, and where she creates her own brand: The Guerreira de Lança Joalharia Artística Contemporânea, where she seeks to show creative expression and design, combined with the use of a variety of different materials.

In 2014 she was selected to participate in an artist residency in Bangladesh which developed her work and inspired her to bring her jewellery work even closer to contemporary aesthetics. The result of her journey in jewellery has been shown in exhibitions at Soares dos Reis Museum, Ourindústria, Portojóia, Galeria Municipl de Matosinhos, Fundação Manuel António da Mota and Cooperativa Arvore, all of them in Porto, Feira Internacional do Artesanato (FIA) and Lx Design in Lisbon, and Espaço Carol Martini in São Paulo.

In 2020 she moved to London with the intention of experiencing other artistic practices so present in this city that breathes culture in every corner of the city.

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