Liang Cai

Teacher and Developer in Shanghai, China

Liang Cai

Teacher and Developer in Shanghai, China

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I am teaching the following courses in Fudan University: Introduction to Biology, Essential Cell Biology, Principles in Cell Biology, Modern Microscopy in Cell Biology, Advanced Topics in Organelle Biology. I use the integrated course design to improve student learning. I use active learning and blended learning approaches and evidence-based teaching in all these courses.

Since 2015, I become responsible for a top talent training program ( in Fudan and plays an administrative role in the Tan School of Innovation ( I strongly believe that authentic research experience is critical for undergraduate science teaching, and science communication is a vital part of training future scientists.

In 2012, I started my laboratory in Fudan. Three Ph.D. students and one master have graduated from the lab.

Since 2010, I have coded and maintained the paper link, serving tens of thousands of academic users around the world. Please contact @the_paper_link if you have suggestions to improve it.

Between 2008-2011, I was working with Dr. Keith E Mostov in UCSF (2nd floor of Genentech Hall, Mission Bay Campus). My research focus was epithelial morphogenesis, which was supported by a Jane Coffin Childs Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Between 2003-2007, I was a graduate student in Dr. James E Bear's lab in UNC at Chapel Hill (2nd floor of Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center). My Ph.D. dissertation is about how "Coronin 1B coordinates actin dynamics in lamellipodia". I passed the defense on Dec 13, 2007; and I got my doctoral degree on May 11, 2008.

In 2003, I received my Bachelor's degree in Science from Fudan University. Dr. Weida Huang advised my undergraduate thesis.

My hometown is Haining, very close to Hangzhou and Shanghai, in the east part of China.

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    • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill