Caitlin Munley

Web Developer, Frontend Developer, and Web Designer in Virginia

Caitlin Munley

Web Developer, Frontend Developer, and Web Designer in Virginia

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:: My Specialties ::

● Web application development
● UX/UI web design
● Frontend architecture

:: About Me ::

Caitlin Munley is a senior software engineer with over 10 years of experience in web development. As a Frontend Developer she specializes in creating high-quality web experiences that are responsive and accessible. Her mastery of HTML/CSS and JavaScript, combined with knowledge of UX design best practices and internet marketing, means she brings a comprehensive approach to building internet applications. She would like to grow into a full-stack role and already has a strong foundation to achieve that.

A strong believer in a streamlined web, Caitlin focuses on writing clean, modular code that performs well on all devices. She is an analytic thinker and problem-solver with an attention to detail and self-starter attitude. Her goal is to work at a technology-driven, inclusive/diverse company with a remotely distributed team on a mission to change to the world for the better, which has been achieved by joining Braze.

In her spare time Caitlin enjoys playing video games, watching shows, listening to music, reading, and writing fiction. She loves animals, especially her cats.

:: Additional Skills ::

Caitlin also has professional experience in:

● React.js
● Next.js (isomorphic React applications)
● Vue.js
● TypeScript
● Webpack/Babel
● Git
● GraphQL
● Sass
● unit testing
● cross-browser/cross-platform compatibility
● using internal and external APIs
● building RESTful web services
● relational database management

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