Caleb Olayiwola

Writer, Editor, and Photographer in Ibadan, Nigeria

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Caleb Olayiwola is a Nigerian by birth, a Yoruba by tribe, based in the city of Ibadan. He is a patriotic Android fan and a passionate tech lover, whose sole interest is to know about every day aspects in the ever-evolving world of technology.

He was born into a Christian family and was raised on the firm foundation of the truth of Christ. As a believer, he treated his faith as much as he treated his life.

He is the Founder at Tech in ABC ( - a blog where he tutor and share his experiences in the field of tech. He is also into freelancing, copywriting, creative writing, digital content creation, and nature photography.

He likes music, movies (sci-fi and animations are his favorite), and tapping his Android phone ten hundred times a day. You can get to know more about him and about what he does by clicking the social buttons below.

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