Caleb Olayiwola

Writer, Editor, and Photographer in Ibadan, Nigeria

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Caleb Olayiwola is a tech-focus content creator that first began his career as a technical writer in the year 2010. He launch his first blog called "CCN World Tech" in late 2010, and since then he has been on a long journey of discovery, to learn, and to teach in the tech space.

He was born into a Christian family and was raised on the firm foundation of the truth of Christ. As a strong believer, he treat his faith as much as he treat his life.

He has been teaching about Android since 2014 and has helped countless of people solve the problems they encounter on their various gadgets and home appliances.

In March 2020, he launched a blog titled "Tech In ABC", which is a platform for amateur tech consumers and newbies that want to learn about electronics and other tech-driven devices in layman's term.

Recently, he also founded HoveringTech ( - a tech-focus media website that is specialized in tech tutorials.

When less busy, he can be seen exploring nature outdoor, most of which he post on his Instagram page. His favourite insect is Butterfly - the beauty and the uniqueness of each specie that he has encounter is a mystery that he likes to ponder about.

He like watching sci-fi and animation movies at his leisure time. They are his favourites, although, he can be seen listening to christian rock and country music when not watching TV.

The name of his first mobile phone is Samsung C100. He is currently using a Xiaomi smartphone.

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