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call recorder

Whether you are a recruiting or selection officer seeking to conduct telephonic interview of job aspirants, an executive willing to host important conference call with clients and as a police officer intending to trick any criminal mastermind from highlighting criminals’ plans for international domination, you should definitely go for the efficient way to keep a record of varying phone calls.

Luckily, if you own a Smartphone handset operating on Android, you only require following simple and easy steps to get the required solution. In other words, you only have to browse the Google Play Store to find out good call recording apps to install in your phone device and get adequate results based on your requirements. Particularly, you can choose for the Total Recall app available easily with the help of Play Store to keep a proper record on both inbound as well as outbound calls that too without spending a single penny or putting too much effort. In this article, you will come to know about necessary features possessed by this exclusive Android app.

Provides Necessary Support to Record Calls

Call recording activity is of huge significance for business owners and managers seeking to obtain long-term survival and success. The main role of this activity is to record both inbound as well as outbound calls done between clients and personnel of call centers. Based on the recorded calls only, supervisors and managers can come up with the right decision to achieve success in their business-related operations.

Every Feature You Need
~ Easily Upload/Send Recorded Call Audio to the Cloud using:
+ Gmail + Google Drive + Box + DropBox + Evernote + SoundCloud
~ Supports AMR, WAV, 3GPP & MP3 format (ONLY Call Recorder officially licensed to use the MP3 codec)
~ In-Call Screen widget
~ 3x1 & 1x1 Widgets
~ Flexible Record Naming Tool
~ List/Exclude List for which calls to record
~ Password Protection
~ Supports 20+ Languages
~ Recording Search
Full two-sided call recording is not possible on every device & rooting can sometimes improve things and/or may be required. Below is a partial compatibility list.