Cal Smith

Developer & Technical Architect in Lewisville, Texas

Salesforce MVP and Certified Salesforce Developer who began his Salesforce journey when a Solution Architect friend introduced me to it in 2012. Using the many learning resources from, I began writing HTML templates to generate PDFs; something that quickly evolved into creating custom controllers. I soon found myself working in sandboxes creating custom objects, doing workflow, security writing triggers, unit tests, VisualForce pages, Flows, and more while working on a new community shortly after their initial release. There's no doubt I was "hooked" on Salesforce Development.

Authors like Dan Appleman and Andrew Fawcett have inspired me. I spend a lot of time as CrmProgDev answering and asking questions on Salesforce.StackExchange where I'm constantly learning from talented individuals like Andrew Fawcett, Peter Knolle, Tomasz Duda (@eyescream), Bob Buzzard, Jesse Altman, C A Patterson, Brian Fear and Keith C to name a few of the many great developers who regularly contributed to the site when I first began.

I'm a member of the Dallas Salesforce Developer's User Group where I'm on the leadership team. I lead the DUG's Platform Developer 1 Study Group. I've volunteered to lead teams to configure the Salesforce NPSP for charities during DallasGiveCamp was a co-founder of DallasGiveForce.

I'm a mechanical engineer by education, who's been programming in various languages since the days of punched cards beginning with Fortran on large IBM mainframes before PC's existed. I've also been involved with 3D in some form or other since the mid 1980's.

Until getting into Salesforce, I regularly worked with Maya, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and other computer graphics software creating art and photorealistic animations. In the mid 1990's, a growing interest in photorealism sparked a desire to learn computer graphics on the PC which ultimately led me to the internet, doing web design and owning a DTP/Graphic Design company. In the late 90's I was a Sysop in the Adobe Forum on CompuServe then later became the Manager of WUGNET's Windows NT/2000 Forum on CompuServe until about 2001. During that period, I also wrote for NT Update and Web Update Journals.

I enjoy the outdoors, especially camping, hiking and four-wheeling in the mountains. I raced bicycles on the road until my mid 30's, earning my fair share of road rash in the process. I still love cycling both on and off the road when it's not too hot her

  • Work
    • Cloud Mech
  • Education
    • The Ohio State University