Camera Drones

Taking the Hobby to the Next Level with a Camera-Equipped Drone

For many people, it is the simple thrill of flight that first attracts them to the hobby. Flying drones can be truly exhilarating, as even ground-bound operators tend to feel some of the freedom that the contraptions they control by remote so obviously possess. Even given how rewarding simply flying a drone can be, though, there are ways of making the experience even more satisfying. Many people, for example, feel that flying a camera-equipped drone can be even more fun and exciting.

For Canadians who are interested in exploring this possibility, there are plenty of excellent resources to take advantage of, too. Sites like make it easy for residents of Canada to figure out which products might make the most sense, given their budgets, levels of experience, and other personal factors.

Many canada drone operators, for example, find that the best way to make the leap to a camera-equipped product is by buying one of manufacturer DJI's successful drones. DJI's drones are used by everyone today from intermediate-level hobbyists to demanding professional photographers, offering up, as they do, an appealing mix of affordability, performance, ruggedness, and ease of use.

That makes one of DJI's products frequently a great option for those interested in moving up from a drone that is not equipped with a camera. A well-made, camera-equipped drone will typically allow operators to take both still photos and video at high resolutions and with great image quality. Even the least capable of these products, then, will allow for some impressive aerial shots in regular use.

Many such drones also take things a step further. Those equipped with so-called "first person" functionality include remotes that have screens that stream video in real time from the drone above. That allows operators to see what the drone is looking down on at any given time, even when line of sight cannot be arranged for.

That relatively simple function can make the experience of flying a drone even more immersive and exciting. Given how much fun flying even a drone that lacks a camera can be, it is easy to understand why so many