Cameron Robertson

Dee Why

Cameron Robertson grew up in New Zealand but has come to regard Manly, Sydney as his home. He spend a fair amount of time with his young family whenever he can and they have gone through many things together ever since they’ve set up home in Dee Why.

Cameron took a while to settle down, after university he was happy travelling and enjoying a bachelor’s life in the hospitality industry, when it struck him that he wanted to put down roots, and in something that he could call his own at that! He started his own business doing landscaping for a period of time, and while doing that, he came across an amazing opportunity with SuperCheap Self Storage Solutions in Manly, Sydney!

Things have changed since that fateful day that he left his business to learn the ropes at SuperCheap Storage and he’s grown leaps and bounds since then. Cameron started off as a grunt in one of the Sydney outlets and slowly worked his way up, gathering knowledge along the way.

He must have learn a lot about the business and liked what he saw because he started saving up for a franchise of his own, and within no time, we were proud to be able to call Cameron Robertson a franchise owner and manager of the SuperCheap Storage franchise in Brookvale, Sydney!

Starting from the ground up has helped Cameron a lot in his new business. Since 2012 when he started taking over and setting up his own outlet, he’s been able to put to use a lot of what he learnt. Not only that but he was also able to make use of his degree in Commerce and Administration!

Cameron is truly grateful for the opportunity to also continue working as a contractor with SuperCheap Storage because he continually learns on the job and applies what he learns in his own franchise - it makes him more approachable and knowledgeable than most managers simply because he knows how things work from the inside! He’s able to give customers a good understanding of cost of storage and give them all a peace of mind that their items will be well taken care of.

SuperCheap Self Storage in Dee Why, Sydney prides itself in being able to supply a convenient and simple st

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