Cameron Forni

President of Select at Curaleaf in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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Cameron Forni is based in Las Vegas, Nevada where he has risen to become one of the most notable faces in Cannabis. In 2015, Cameron Forni pioneered what is now the industry standard vape cartridge, free of silica fiberglass, and subsequently launched one of the most successful brands in the industry.

From almost the very beginning, Select became the best-selling cannabis brands on the West Coast. Now, only five years later, Cameron has led his brand through a record-breaking, billion dollar acquisition. He has been featured in High Times Magazine, Inc. Magazine, and Marijuana Venture Magazine. As the President of Select at Curaleaf, he plans to continue leading his company in a rapid expansion across the country.

Cameron Forni possesses a relentless pursuit of progress that drives him to greatness and will continue to push him to innovate better hardware, establish a healthier supply chain free of pesticides, and help build a company that offers stellar health insurance, benefits, and a higher minimum wage.

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  • Education
    • University of Oregon - Charles H. Lundquist Colleg
    • University of Oregon
    • University of Denver