Cameron Teitelman

entrepreneur in Palo Alto, California

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I am the founder and chairman (former CEO) of StartX, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is accelerating startup founder’s abilities to build impactful companies by facilitating skill development, access to people and resources in a structured way that can help founder’s build companies faster and more effectively. I founded StartX as an undergraduate at Stanford. StartX is focused on the Stanford entrepreneurial population. We have supported over 700 companies who have created over 5000 jobs and raised over $8B. To date, We recently launched an extremely founder friendly fund called the Stanford-StartX Fund, which has been in operation since October 2013 and has made over 500 investments with more than $190M capital deployed. This is an uncapped, evergreen fund.

On a personal level, I completed the Kauffman Fellows program in 2012. Before StartX, I did all sorts of things: founded 2 companies, started a PE firm, wrestled in college, acted professional on a local and national level (broadway) and worked on tons of mini companies growing up, from ebay businesses to lemonade stands.

In college, I was on the varsity wrestling team at Stanford and studied MS&E and CS. As a freshman, I founded the Essential Card(EC), a campus based discount service, to solve my frustration with the local retail/food scene around palo alto. We got to decent scale with ¼ of Stanford students purchasing the product and were in the process of scaling to 400 universities, but I got pulled away with my excitement for StartX and went a different direction. While working on the EC, I was introduced me to a Stanford Sloan MBA and thus was started Accelon Capital. Accelon raised $80M from three GSB profs and we ended up buying a cloud-based server company. I then took a quick detour in private equity and veered quickly back into tech and entrepreneurship.

As a kid, I got involved in professional acting scene at an early age (2 years old). My first commercial was a remote control commercial and that quickly lead into performing in ads for McDonalds, Cookie Crips, etc. Although, in truth I always preferred the stage and singing. At the age of 10, I struck some serious luck and got the role of Gavroche in the National Broadway production of Les Miserables.

I care deeply about empowering entrepreneurs to maximize their life long impact.

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