Cameryn Smith

def. of [ca•mer•yn] (n): fulfills a variety of roles as a wife, daughter, student, athlete, & employee used as an (adj): Motivated, Skillful, Creative, & Friendly

Known as Cameryn with a y throughout high school made me different.

Soaking up the sun as a Cali girl and referring to a group of people as y'all in the Lone Star state has molded who I am today.

I'm sweet and salty like kettle corn popping over a fire at a carnival. Running is my escape. I have a salt obsession but ironically I am a health nut. I speak spanglish and can whip out a mean batch of guacamole. The word nerd is one of the best compliments someone could give me.

I find inspiration in the details of life. The crevice of an orange peel to a flicker of a star in the night sky. My eyes are always open to the new and creative ideas that roll my way.

To reach your fullest potential, that is, the pinacle point where you find peace, is to be happy with what you are doing now. You are accomplishing some of the greatest work you will ever do in your lifetime. No matter what stage of life, you only have those moments once. Reach that point & you will find ultimate happiness.